Studio Vlog #1 : Happy New Year !

 Hello !

And yes, I'm still here ! Ready for another year ! I just hope I'll be less slow...

It's a bit of a nightmare for me: I'm afraid, so I think too much and make very little progress....

But, I still made progress ! So it's better than nothing !

On the drawing side, I have had some improvements, but I am not yet able to draw a character or a background.

On the gaming side, I was able to find the niche that best suits my interests : interactive fiction.

This is great for someone who is just starting out like me. I don't have to worry about the various illustrations.

I spent the month of November and part of December researching what type of story I would like to create and write the script.

So my first game will be a paranormal story, short, but with five possible endings.

I can't say more at this time. I'm not on social media yet. I'm still working on developing good daily habits (working out every morning, better nutrition etc...)

But, I hope I will be really fast and responsive than last year. Of course, it's better to move forward a little than not at all, but I fear that the slowness will eventually discourage me...

See you !


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