Studio Vlog #2 : My first game almost done !

 Hello, dear friends !

In this article, I will give you some news about my first game ! It's not finished yet, but it's only a matter of days !

For this first game, without any knowledge in art or code and without any budget, I managed to set up this game creation project, for an interactive fiction.

In the beginning, I'm not going to lie to you, I had a big project, based on a role playing game. But, I had neither the knowledge nor the resources to carry out this project.

I struggled for several months, hoping to make it, but... The difficulty was enormous for a beginner like me.

So I lowered my expectations.

It was disappointing at first. But, that doesn't mean I'm abandoning my initial project. It's just postponed, while I acquire the necessary skills to carry it out, without the risk of getting sick for it...

I wrote a small screenplay with the same approach of writing a short story. And to keep it short, I started planning possible endings very quickly. I stopped at five. And it looks like a lot of work already.

I will wait until the game is ready and published for free online before telling you more in a little tutorial.

No doubt this tutorial will be too simple for those with a minimum of experience, but for people like me, who want to create alone and carry out a first prototype of interactive fiction or graphic novel without any knowledge or budget, I hope this will be useful.

In the meantime... See you next time !


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